Charter school is hiding COVID cases from parents: whistleblower

A Washington, D.C. public charter school is hiding that staff members are coming up positive with COVID-19, a whistleblower told The Washington City Paper.

According to the report, at least three people turned up positive on Aug. 11 at the Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School, but the school withheld the information for over a week from parents. Students are set to return to classes Wednesday.

School head Sundai Riggins told the paper "those who [are] in close contact and those present in the building" when there are positive cases and "no students or families are currently in the building."

"On the afternoon of Thursday, Aug. 19, school leadership sent an email to parents informing them that their previously scheduled in-person 'Meet Your Teacher' day planned for Friday, Aug. 20, would now be held virtually to reduce risk ahead of students returning to school next week," said the report. That same day, district staff was on campus to take rapid and PCR tests for all school employees.

Hours before the virtual parent meeting, staff was sent talking points to use when asked about the COVID problems. One of those talking points says that if someone asks about people at the school being diagnosed with COVID, they are to say that they, like everyone else, have had positive cases starting in March 2020. They refuse to give any details about the current landscape.

"I felt like we were being asked to lie," an employee told the paper

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