'If he got me on the floor I was dead': Black woman recalls terror from Chicago cop while walking her dog

A Black woman attacked by Chicago police while walking her dog is speaking out about the terror she felt as he grabbed her.

The Daily Beast wrote about Nikkita Brown, who was walking her dog in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago last month when a police officer rolled up and told her she needed to leave. She said that she started to head for the exit of the park but that the officer wouldn't leave her alone, following and harassing her. The demand to exit the park didn't appear to extend to white people in the area, she explained.

"I walked past four kids that were behind me… white males. As soon as I saw the car pull up, I looked behind me to see if he said anything to the kids. He didn't," said Brown.

He got out of his car and threatened her with "jail" for whatever it was he thought she was doing. That's when she pulled out her cell phone.

Encounters with police have sent shockwaves through Black and Brown communities for years as person after person ends up dead at the hands of police officers. For that reason, many people of color have been left terrified any time they are faced with law enforcement.

"I thought I was going to die," Brown said frankly. "I thought he was going to kill me. I had it in my mind that I was going to be shot,"

She said that she asked the officer to keep his distance because he wasn't wearing a mask, the cop can be heard on the recording. She said she intentionally left her phone out, fearing that she'd need to call for help if she was "in jail or worse."

The officer ultimately turned physical when he attempted to grab her legs and take her phone away. She can be heard screaming in the video.

"I knew if he got me on the floor, I would be dead," Brown said.

While the officer hasn't been publicly identified, more than two dozen complaints have been filed against him, the Beast reported. He's currently on paid administrative leave.

At least one person in a car was watching and also filmed the incident.

Read the full report at the Daily Beast and see the videos and interview with Brown below:

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Nikkita Brown and Chicago Police www.youtube.com