Chicago police supervisor resigns while being investigated for racist Facebook posts

A Chicago police supervisor has retired while being investigated for making racist and incendiary posts on his Facebook profile, which he falsely claimed was hacked, Fox 32 reports.

Police Lt. John Cannon stepped down after an investigation showed he demonstrated a "flagrant disregard" for department policies. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability recommended that he be fired.

"Lt. Cannon’s posts disparage the same protected classes he took an oath to protect and serve, including Muslims, African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, the LGBTQ community, and women," stated the COPA report.

"Through his use of social media, Lt. Cannon has demonstrated that he is unable to treat all the citizens of Chicago with fairness and equity," it said.

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There were 19 allegations related to the social media posts, one of which framed firefighters as homosexuals. Another declared that former President Barack "Obama is Isis," with an edited photo of Obama wearing a hijab.

In one post, Cannon praised the police shooting of Harith Augustus, a well-regarded South Shore barber whose death sparked protests and unrest.

"Cannon contended emails sent by administrators to the school community in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd discriminated against white people and police officers," Fox 32's report stated. "He followed up the complaint with a lawsuit claiming a fellow student sent an email blast on behalf of a lawyers group calling for the removal of Chicago police officers from the school. Cannon contended the appeal amounted to 'discriminatory, harassing dissemination of hate speech.' Cannon also claimed the student 'hacked' into his 'private Facebook account' and published its contents to 'defame' him and 'discredit his complaints.'"

Read the full report at Fox 32.