'That's not horse medicine!' GOP lawmaker fumes that pharmacies won't fill his ivermectin prescription
Rep. Chip Roy (screenshot)

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) on Tuesday fumed that few pharmacies are apparently willing to fill his prescription for ivermectin, which has been touted as an unproven treatment for COVID-19.

While speaking on the House floor, Roy raged that he wasn't able to get the ivermectin he wanted even though it had been purportedly prescribed by his doctor.

He also defensively rebutted claims that he was taking horse paste.

"That's not horse medicine!" Roy said. "I didn't roll down to Tractor Supply, which I go to often to go get supplies for the land on which I live!"

Roy did acknowledge, however, that "I've seen the Ivermectin in the cabinet at tractor supply," but he insisted that was not the kind of ivermectin he was taking.

Although some COVID-19 skeptics have falsely claimed that ivermectin is a proven treatment for the virus, others took this claim a step farther and took horse deworming medicine that happens to contain ivermectin as an ingredient.

Watch the video below.