Choir director at private Catholic school pleads guilty to more than 25 child sex crimes

A former Kansas Catholic school choir teacher accused of recording female students with a hidden camera has pleaded guilty to over 25 charges, FOX4 reports.

Joseph Heidesch plead guilty to one count of sexual exploitation of a child and 25 counts of breach of privacy this Monday, and had other charges dropped due to a plea agreement, which also calls for Heidesch to serve 68 months in a Kansas prison.

Heidesch had hidden cameras in the school and had acquired videos and images of students who changed clothes in his office.

Despite there only being 25 charges, prosecutors say there might actually be around 100 victims.

“How could you? How dare you do this to our children?” one victim’s mother told FOX4. “And I’m not just speaking about my child. I’m speaking about every victim and their families in this case. How could do this? How could you?”

Heidesch also faces at least two civil lawsuits from victims' families.