‘Scumbag’: Right-wing radio host faces furious backlash after sharing racist image in response to Chauvin verdict
Right-wing Nebraska talk radio host Chris Baker. (YouTube)

On Wednesday, the Lincoln Journal-Star reported that Chris Baker, a right-wing talk radio host for KFAB in Nebraska, posted a racist image in response to the murder and manslaughter conviction of former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd.

"The tweet was posted within about an hour of the Derek Chauvin verdict and was headlined: Guilty!" reported Nancy Gaardner. "Beneath the headline was a GIF (file image) of four dancing older Black native men in loincloths, with body paint and possibly spears." According to the article, KFAB's parent company iHeartMedia is investigating the incident.

Commenters on social media exploded with outrage, many of them calling for Baker to lose his job.