Chris Christie floats Maria Bartiromo for vice president in 2024
Fox Business/screen grab

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) suggested that he could select Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo as his vice presidential running mate because she would "start disrupting things" in Washington, D.C.

During an interview on Fox Business, Bartiromo asked Christie if he planned to run for president again in 2024.

"If I do it, it will be because I think I can win and make a contribution to the country," Christie explained.

"There's a report that you would run with Liz Cheney," Bartiromo pressed. "Is that something that you would consider?"

"I have no plans about running mates," Christie laughed, "Liz Cheney or anybody else. You know, I would consider you too if you wanted to be. If you're done with the TV gig, we get you to Washington, Maria, and then we really start disrupting things."

Watch the video below from Fox Business.