Chris Christie levels Trump for calling Putin a 'genius' for disastrous Ukraine invasion
Gov. Chris Christie and Donald Trump (

Estranged Trump ally Chris Christie on Monday slammed the former president for declaring that Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine was a stroke of "genius" when by all accounts it has so far been a disaster for Russia.

"How can anyone with any understanding of the world call Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine 'genius' and 'very savvy' as we watch him unite the rest of the world against Russia in nearly an instant?" Christie asked on Twitter.

The former New Jersey governor then outlined how Putin had gotten himself into a geopolitical mess from which there would likely be no recovery.

"Putin has two choices now: an unwinnable occupation of Ukraine after leveling the country and murdering its hero President (if that is even achievable) or a humiliating retreat," Christie wrote. "Yeah, that’s 'genius' and 'very savvy' alright. No walking that back. History is watching."

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Trump has continued to heap praise on Putin for his Ukraine invasion even as it has been condemned by the vast majority of Republican lawmakers.

Despite this, virtually no Republicans other than Christie and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) have been willing to publicly call Trump out on it.

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