‘I was desperate’: Chris Christie says Trump ignored his frantic warning call on Jan 6

During a recent interview with Axios, New Jersey's former GOP Gov. Chris Christie said that he hasn't spoken to Donald Trump since Jan. 6 when he frantically tried to get Trump on the phone, only to be ignored.

"I tried to call him ... to give him advice on what I thought he needed to be doing to stop the violence," Christie said.

"I called Kellyanne Conway first. And I said to her: 'Have you spoken to him?' And she said she had not. And she said: 'I think we both need to call him.' And I said: 'Absolutely.' So I then called the president's secretary ... Couldn't get through. I then called his body guy. Didn't pick up. I then called the president's cell phone, and he didn't pick up," Christie continued.

Christie described the closeness the two formerly shared, saying that he referred to the former President on a first-name basis and how Trump would call him after a TV interview to give him pointers on his appearance.

"I was desperate to try to get in touch with him, because I felt like what was happening was awful and was going to be a stain on his presidency, and I wanted him to be the guy to stand up and stop it. But he didn't take the call, and so I said what I would have said to him privately on the air on ABC," Christie said.

Watch an excerpt of Christie's interview with Axios below:

Axios on HBO: Former Governor Chris Christie on disqualifications to the American presidency www.youtube.com