Wolf Blitzer puts Chris Christie on the spot after he tries to evade answering for Lauren Boebert's anti-Muslim rant
Former NJ governor Chris Christie/ABC screen shot

On CNN Tuesday, anchor Wolf Blitzer clashed with former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) over Rep. Lauren Boebert's (R-CO) attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) in which she likened her to a suicide bomber.

And when Christie claimed not to have heard the comments, Blitzer didn't hesitate to put him on the spot.

"I haven't heard Congresswoman Boebert's comments, so I don't know how to evaluate them and whether it was an just ill-timed joke or something worse," said Christie. "But I have had the opportunity to hear Congresswoman Omar over a long period of time, Wolf, and I'm very disturbed by it. As the former governor of a state that has a very large Jewish population in our state, I understand and saw on a regular basis what acts of anti-Semitism and language regarding anti-Semitism has done."

"As I said, over the past year or two or three we've covered a lot of those comments she made," said Blitzer, who is himself the son of Holocaust survivors. "Let me play for you what Congresswoman Boebert — you said you haven't been familiar with what she's said — I'll play this little clip we had from September. Watch this."

"One of my staffers on his first day with me got into an elevator in the Capitol," said Boebert in the clip. "And in that elevator, we were joined by Ilhan Omar. Well, it was just us three in there. And I looked over and I said, well, looky there, it's the Jihad Squad."

"You want to react to that?" asked Blitzer.

"Look, this is the same kind of thing that, you know, when my Muslim-American nominee for the state court in New Jersey was brought before the Senate Committee in New Jersey, one of the things that one of the senators asked him right off the bat was, can you explain jihad to me," said Christie. "I think that any generalizations that we make about anyone, whether it's that or whether it's the things that Congresswoman Omar has said regarding Jewish-Americans in this country, doesn't do anything to bring the country together."

"Here's the difference, Governor," said Blitzer. "Congresswoman Omar, those comments that were interpreted as being anti-Semitic, she apologized. We didn't hear Lauren Boebert apologize."

He added, "When ... Congresswoman Ilhan Omar made comments seen to be anti-Semitic, she was immediately criticized by the Democratic leadership in Congress. We haven't seen that from the Republican leadership as far as Congresswoman Boebert is concerned and as a result, there is a major difference right there and it involves your party, right?"

Watch below:

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