'Very Fox News-like behavior': CNN insiders slam their own network for letting Chris Cuomo's ethical problems slide

In the wake of revelations that CNN anchor Chris Cuomo advised his brother N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo on how to respond to sexual harassment allegations leveled at him by numerous women, CNN insiders are saying that while the revelations are disappointing, they don't expect the primetime anchor to face any accountability, The Daily Beast reports.

"I'm very disappointed in the network, I think some disciplinary action, at a minimum, was required in this situation," a current CNN female on-air talent told The Daily Beast, adding that there weren't "guardrails" put in place to prevent the scandal.

"As a woman who works here, I feel a little let down, to be honest," the on-air personality said.

Another insider said that Chris Cuomo's "concern for his brother is admirable but working to discredit the multiple women who have accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual impropriety is both journalistically and morally immoral."

The insider accounts correlate with CNN reporter Oliver Darcy's reporting last week where he said CNN staffers were "vexed" by both the anchor's conduct and the "violation of traditional journalistic standards." The Insiders also told The Daily Beast that resentment over how Chris Cuomo covered his brother has been brewing at the network for a while now.

"It's disgusting," a recently departed CNN producer told The Daily Beast. "They can't really punish him now because last year when he was interviewing his brother and they were yukking it up, CNN loved it. They never ever should have had that happen. It was a complete letdown of journalistic ethics then. It's very Fox [News]-like behavior."

"Chris has for a long time considered himself an ad hoc consultant to his brother," another current CNN on-air personality said.. "The lines have always been blurred."

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