CNN's Chris Cuomo: Trying to compromise with Mitch McConnell is like 'petting a starving snake'
Photos: Screen capture and AFP

On CNN Wednesday, in his opening nightly statement, anchor Chris Cuomo excoriated Republicans, from Mitch McConnell on down, for carrying on Trump-inspired "chaos" and refusing to hold him accountable.

"What's happening in Washington deserves your attention. It may be as dangerous as the pandemic," said Cuomo. "My question is, how many red flags do we need? Homeland Security just put out a warning of more possible violence to come from violent anti-government extremists, fueled by false narratives that could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence."

"My argument — and it's why I caution Democrats wanting a power-sharing deal with McConnell that that is like insisting on petting a starving snake — the big mouth is gone, but the Republican chorus remains echoing his animus and hungry for more chaos," said Cuomo. "Think about it. Now not a word about the ton of terrorists who say they acted not just on behalf of Trump but because Trump told them to act. No comment from the leadership. Why? Cruz, Hawley ... so quiet on how wrong this was. Why? The rest of you supposed Republicans, why are you so quiet on Cruz and Hawley?

"If you listen to them, they say we're against violence, we're against extremism, on both sides, but while the fight against racism to them is really just an excuse to riot, right, BLM, bad, antifa, like al-Qaeda, but the Oath Keepers, QAnon, Proud Boys, the groups that the FBI are looking at, silent," said Cuomo. "Yesterday, they had a chance to separate the GOP from the idea of what savaged our Capitol. And they voted to not even follow their duty under the Constitution. They just want to let Trump and this contagion continue to spread. If they won't do anything to speak out against it or hold the motivator to accounts, they must want more of the same."

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