Chris Wallace stomps Rick Scott's spending hypocrisy: 'Should the Trump tax cuts be repealed?'
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News host Chris Wallace called out Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) on Sunday for supporting additional government debt in the form of tax cuts for the wealthy.

"Senator, you talk about living within your means, you talk about the debt, you talk about deficits," Wallace noted, "the Trump tax cuts which were passed in 2017, the year before you were elected to the Senate, is estimated by the Congressional Budget Office that it is going to increase the deficit by over $2 trillion over 11 years."

"So should the Trump tax cuts be repealed?" the Fox News host asked.

Without answering the question, Scott insisted that taxes could be cut without increasing the deficit.

"But, sir, respectfully," Wallace interrupted, "when Donald Trump was president, you had the tax cut, which added $2 trillion to the deficit, according to the CBO. And you didn't have the commensurate spending cuts. So, the question is, if you're not going to have the spending cuts, should you repeal the tax cuts -- if the debt and deficit are so vital?"

"I am not raising anybody's taxes," Scott insisted. "I want lower taxes. I want to watch how we spend our money. I've been in the Senate for 2 years and 9 months. The waste is staggering. Americans should be furious with the way money is spent in the Senate and all Congress."

Watch the video below from Fox News.