Chuck Grassley roasted on CNN for using 'Sideshow Bob defense' to excuse Trump's failed coup

A CNN panel on Thursday roasted Senate Republicans for using what host Jake Tapper described as the "Sideshow Bob defense" to excuse former President Donald Trump's failed efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Tapper singled out Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who defended the former president by saying that he eventually backed off his threat to fire multiple Department of Justice officials and replace them with people who would do his bidding to stop the election from being certified.

"Chuck Grassley, who in the past has stood up for moral causes and been one of the biggest boosters of whistleblowers in the history of congress, is out there saying... 'Yes, President Trump talked about committing a coup but he didn't really actually do it.'"

He then turned to Washington Post reporter Olivier Knox to ask him to explain how similar tactics were used by Simpsons villain Sideshow Bob.

"One of the villains is imprisoned for trying to kill Bart Simpson, and in one scene is shown on the phone angrily deploring his fate saying, 'Attempted murder? What is that? Do they give out a Nobel Prize for attempted chemistry?' The idea being if he was thwarted in his efforts to kill Bart, therefore he is innocent."

Watch the video below.

Chuck Grassley busted for using 'Sideshow Bob defense' to excuse Trump's failed coup