police outside of Geneva Presbyterian Church.
Photo: Twitter user @Terible1biker57

A suspect is in custody after a mass shooting at a chuch in Laguna Woods, California which is south of Los Angeles in Orange County. Orange County reporter at KCal9 said that his sources are telling him that one person is dead and four are injured.

NBC Los Angeles police said that they were responding to the 24000 block of El Toro Road. Photos and videos of the police and fire department were centered around Geneva Presbyterian Church.

A video showing the side of the church at the intersection of C. Sonora and El Toro Road revealed that a medivac helicopter was landing on the street nearby.

The police also reported that the gun suspected to have been used has been recovered from the scene.

The story is continue to develop....

UPDATE: The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday evening that the church lends its space out to other congregations. In this case, a Taiwanese congregation was meeting. The shooter was a 68-year-old Asian man. Southern California reporter John Cain said that the church members were able to overcome the shooter and tied him up.