Cincinnati cop swears she wasn't referring to 'all African-Americans' when she repeatedly used the N-word on video

According to WKRC News, a Cincinnati police officer who was caught on body camera letting loose a stream of expletives and racial slurs is defending herself by claiming she wasn't referring to "all African-Americans."

"In the video, recorded April 5, Officer Rose Valentino can be heard saying, '[Expletive] [N-words]. I [expletive] hate them,'" reported Luke Jones. "When the video was recorded, Valentino was pulling into the parking lot of CPD's District 3 office in West Price Hill. It's as she's doing this that she notices cars lined up on the street waiting to pick up students from a nearby high school. Valentino rolls down her window and instructs one of the drivers to move before becoming upset when they don't."

Valentino reportedly started shouting the N-word after a passing teenage boy gave her the middle finger.

"Speaking this month to CPD's Internal Investigations Section, Valentino that she doesn't use racial slurs and has no racial biases," said the report. "She also said, ''[expletive] [N-words]' was not intended to refer to all African-Americans, but was specifically and narrowly in reference to the teenager walking down the sidewalk after school.' The officer also said she had been 'desensitized to racially offensive language by music and hearing people talk on the street.'"

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According to the report, Valentino has been previously investigated for improperly sharing body camera footage of a homicide scene "to family members over dinner," was once arrested for punching her sister and brother-in-law, and has also faced investigation for failing to turn on her body camera during her shifts and even while pursuing suspects.