Trump-inspired high school prank sparks turmoil in small Oregon town
Screenshot via Fox 12

Clackamas High School in Oregon was vandalized last month in what some people described as a hate crime, and now some of the students who were involved are facing death threats, Fox 12 reports.

"I absolutely think it was appalling what was done, don't get me wrong in any way," said one parent whose son received over 50 death threats on social media. "I think it was appalling what they did but for my son to be getting death threats is ridiculous."

School principal Nate Munoz initially said the vandalism was racially motivated because beans were spread across the front of the school alongside Trump campaign signs and stickers.

"I unfortunately witnessed a hate crime, a racial hate crime," Munoz said in May. "That type of rhetoric is not welcome at Clackamas High School, ever."

But school officials later said the beans were following a social media trend and did not have a racial intent.

During a graduation ceremony this Sunday, protesters showed up, saying that those who partook in the vandalism shouldn't be allowed to partake in the ceremony.

"I don't wish death upon anyone and I don't think they should die," protester and Clackamas sophomore Trinity Porotesano said. "I think they should learn and educate themselves on what's going on and how their actions affect us. They don't deserve the death threats. No one does."

Clackamas HS students threatened after alleged racially insensitive senior prank