'Cite one example!' Trump-loving lawmaker goes down in flames trying to defend election fraud claims

On CNN Tuesday, anchor Jim Sciutto cornered Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) on his false claims about voter fraud, as the congressman struggled to justify overturning the results of the presidential election.

"Can you explain to the audience why you're challenging an election in which you yourself and those other 100-some-odd colleagues were elected on the same ballots, and yet you're calling the election fraudulent?" asked Sciutto.

"The role that the founders gave Congress regarding the presidential election was a very narrow window during the counting of electoral slates from the several sovereign states," said Higgins. "So we are a union of states, a representative republic. And there's a solemn duty for each member of the public — each state has the right to form their own laws, I'm a states rights guy, I support that. However, in a federal election, a presidential election, that sovereign state has the duty to follow their own written election laws."

"They have. Those — all 50 states certified the results," cut in Sciutto. "The Constitution gives Congress a right to count the votes, not overrule the states ... the Department of Justice investigated fraud claims and the attorney general appointed by this president said, to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected the outcome of the election. What evidence do you have that the Justice Department does not?"

"We have a preponderance of evidence that election crimes may have been committed in six of the sovereign states," said Higgins.

"Give me one example," challenged Sciutto.

"In Georgia, change of statutory requirements for reviewing signatures," said Higgins.

"That's not true. The Georgia election official rejected that very — he rejected it point by point yesterday. I'm asking what evidence you have to contradict the state Republican election official there, as you're claiming right now? What evidence do you have?" said Sciutto. "Cite one example."

"I cited several," said Higgins. "You're being rather combative. I believe you invited me on your show."

"The fact is, they were reviewed over weeks, as you know, in dozens of court cases," said Sciutto. "This was adjudicated by a Trump appointee and rejected."

"You obviously know very little about investigations, good sir," said Higgins. "Investigations can take a long time ... we have hundreds of affidavits from thousands of pages, we've reached thousands of affidavits. To disenfranchise the words of thousands of citizens is disingenuous by you."

"You're trying to overturn the votes of millions of Americans," shot back Sciutto.

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