CNN's Gloria Borger shames Ivanka Trump for lauding 'domestic terrorists' as 'American patriots'
Ivanka Trump speaks at campaign event (screen grab)

With a shaking voice, CNN's longtime politics reporter Gloria Borger said that after spending decades reporting from the Capitol it felt like her home was being attacked on Wednesday.

She blasted first daughter Ivanka Trump for sending out a recently deleted tweet calling the insurrectionists "American patriots."

Ivanka Trump's deleted tweet during siege on CapitolPhoto: Screen capture

"That's my Capitol. That's my house. That's our house," she said of the U.S. seat of governance." These are domestic terrorists. They're ripping it apart. And then I saw a tweet by Ivanka Trump, which she took down, where she called them 'American patriots.' She said, you know, 'any security breach is unacceptable.' But she called them 'American patriots.' That is not what I call them. These are people who marched there to do damage."

See the video below:

Ivanka's tweet