Colorado GOP leader incites harassment against public health workers by publicizing their home addresses
Coronavirus Belgium Mathilde Dumont, a 27-year-old nurse (AFP : Aris Oikonomou)

The leader of the Republican Party chapter in Parker, Colorado has apologized after he declared "war" on public health officials and publicized their home addresses.

Colorado's 9 News reports that Parker Republican leader Mark Hall earlier this week sent out a message on his Facebook page attacking public health officials for their role in enforcing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

"We will publish the names/addresses of these people with no law enforcement abilities," Hall wrote in his post. "If they want a war, we can give them that but it is time for a revolution."

Hall then warned public health workers that "if you work for the state, CDPHE, Tri-County or other agencies, you are on the radar, at your homes and elsewhere" and accused them of being "anti-Americans."

Hall's decision to dox public health officials was subsequently condemned by the Douglas County Republican Party, and Hall subsequently deleted the post and apologized.

"In hindsight, it was poor judgement and I apologize to all," said Hall. "The Colorado GOP and Douglas County GOP share no responsibility as they were unaware of the actions."

As 9 News reports, this is the second time Hall has tried to intimidate a political opponent this year, as he warned a grocery store employee that he was sending a group of "patriots" to meet her at her "exact location" after she mocked a local pro-police rally on Facebook.