Ted Haggard’s former megachurch hit with another scandal
Ted Haggard speaking in the documentary "Jesus Camp." (Magnolia Pictures/Screenshot)

A megachurch in Colorado has fired a member of the band Vertical Worship for allegedly having an extra-marital affair, The Christian Post reports.

Andi Rozier, who was part of the worship band at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, was immediately fired when the affair was discovered.

"We have already engaged in a communication process with our church," Executive Pastor Brian Newberg said in a statement. "Our staff was communicated to last week and our congregation was communicated to in-person at our weekend services."

"We are walking alongside [Rozier's] wife and children to help them heal," he added. "Andi is no longer a part of our pastoral team."

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Josh Caterer, a former Harvest worship leader, said that Rozier was involved in a relationship with a "young woman."

New Life Church was the subject of controversy back in 2006 when its former Pastor Ted Haggard resigned after confessing to "sexual immorality" with a male escort in a scandal involving methamphetamine use.