Colorado Springs shooter appears in court bloody and bruised
Photos: Facebook and screen capture

The Colorado Springs shooter appeared in court on Wednesday, slumping over to the right, bloodied and bruised after the survivors of the attack struck back against them.

The defense attorneys said that 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich identified as "non-binary," which led MSNBC reporters to wonder if that was part of the defense strategy to get rid of the hate crimes charges.

A transgender woman and an Army combat veteran were the ones who were able to subdue the attacker, beating Aldrich with his own gun and stomping on them.

The appearance was short, only lasting a few minutes, and defense lawyers asked whether police had access to their social media accounts and electronics, claiming some material might be privileged. The lawyer suggested Aldrich hasn't given permission for records to be searched. Investigators and the district attorney will likely obtain a warrant to ensure access to such things.

Records are also sealed in some pieces of Aldrich's life, including any psychiatric treatment as well as if red flag laws on the books in Colorado were implemented against them. Police said at a briefing this week that Colorado has strict "sealing laws" and that they couldn't even say whether or not those records exist.

TMZ reported more on the court appearance here.

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