Hero from the Colorado Springs shooting was arrested and held after trying to help save people

There were two major heroes at the Colorado Springs shooting on Saturday night, including one veteran who jumped to act, grabbing the shooter and beating him with his own gun. Yet, somehow, it was the hero that was arrested.

The New York Times reported that when police arrived, however, Richard M. Fierro was at Club Q with his wife and daughter when the shooting started. He beat the shooter so bloody he was covered. So, when police arrived, Fierro was arrested and detained for hours.

"Mr. Fierro said he was covered in blood when the police arrived, and officers tackled him and put him in handcuffs. He said he was held in a police car for more than an hour, and screamed and pleaded to be let go so that he could see what had happened to his family," the report said.

Fierro was deployed to combat while in the Army where he was shot at and witnessed fellow soldiers hit with roadside bombs. The Times said that his public records show he was awarded the Bronze Star twice.

As Fierro attacked the shooter, a drag transgender woman also came to help, stomping on the shooter with her high heel. The Times misidentified her as a drag queen in their report.

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Correction: a previous version of the story said that Mr. Fierro was put in jail, it's unclear if he was jailed or simply detained for hours.