Sheriff under probe for racist rants now faces intimidation and sex allegations
'Cowboy hat with Sheriff badge' [Shutterstock]

New court charges piled on Friday just days before a hearing on the fate of a suspended North Carolina sheriff under investigation for a racist rant against multiple Black officials.

Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene was accused of “numerous new allegations of intimidation and abuse of power” – along with having a sexual relationship with a detective in the sheriff’s office, WECT News 6 of Wilmington, N.C., reported.

As Raw Story reported last month, Greene had been suspended and awaits a hearing as to whether he’ll keep his job in the wake of a leaked recording in which, among other comments, he said ““I’m sick of it. I’m sick of these black bastards going to clean house and be done with it. And we’ll start from there.”

In an amended petition Friday, District Attorney Jon David “said he had informed Greene he had been Giglio-impaired because of his comments, meaning prosecutors could no longer call him as a witness in any criminal hearing ‘based on his racial bias,’” the station reported.

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There were also multiple allegations since the initial filing against Greene that accused his agents and him of “engaging in intimidation and abusing authority,” the report said. And there was this:

“The document also describes a sexual relationship between Greene and one of his detectives. This included engaging in sex acts while both [Greene] and [the detective] were on duty, and on at least one occasion resulted in damage to county property.”

Sadly, the report included no further details. The hearing on David’s petition to remove Greene from office is scheduled for Monday.