'I was emotional': Utah county commissioner tried to 'intimidate' cop who arrested his son

A commissioner of San Juan County, Utah is in hot water after allegedly trying to "intimidate" a police officer who was arresting his son, reported The Daily Beast on Monday.

"Body-camera footage of the tense Nov. 25 incident, obtained by KUTV, shows San Juan County Commissioner Bruce Adams after he’d arrived to pick up his son’s vehicle at the site of the traffic-stop arrest," reported A.J. McDougall. "The one officer still at the scene — the rest having left to transport the commissioner’s son to jail on the 2020 burglary warrant — was Deputy Wyatt Holyoak, who later wrote that Adams 'approached me and stated that he wanted to see the ‘Mother f*cking warrant right away.’"

Holyoak stated in a police report on the incident that Adams was "trying to use his influence as a County Commissioner to intimidate me into showing him information that I was not permitted to do."

In an interview with reporters for KUTV, Adams walked back his actions but continued to downplay them, saying, “It’s embarrassing for me to act that way. I feel bad that I did that. But I was emotional.”

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Politicians and political candidates have often sought to use their position to try to make police stand down — and it rarely ends well for them.

In Florida last year, Martin Hyde, a pro-Trump congressional candidate in Florida, tried to threaten an officer who pulled him over for speeding, proclaiming "Do you know who I am?" and saying, "This is going to end your career."