Company that organized Trump's post-White House paid speeches is facing financial trouble
Donald Trump pointing at the camera / Gage Skidmore.

A company that organized Donald Trump's post-White House paid speeches is having financial trouble, The Washington Post reports.

The American Freedom Tour's is having trouble paying vendors, investors and employees. Sources speaking to The Post say the company has lost two top executives and has canceled events in a number of locations. It's reportedly set to host a large event at Mar-a-Lago in December in an attempt to turn its financial situation around.

"It’s not clear what that means for the tour’s advertised upcoming black-tie gala at Mar-a-Lago, with tickets starting at $10,000 a couple to spend time with Trump," The Post's report states. "The event includes a poolside reception and a formal ballroom dinner. Dinner and a photo with Trump costs $40,000, and a private library meeting with Trump is so pricey that it’s only listed as: 'INQUIRE BELOW.' The company declined to say how much Trump is being paid for the event."

The company’s CEO, Brian J. Forte has filed bankruptcy more than once in the past, and filed for bankruptcy again in the wake of his company's financial issues.

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"The tour has had a slate of problems, including angry investors, speakers and vendors who have not been paid, according to people familiar with the situation, who like some others spoke on the condition of anonymity to reveal internal details," The Post reports. "Trump joined the group with little vetting, advisers say, and some of his team was not aware of Forte’s business history when told by The Post."

The financial problems at the company caused it to engage in practices that upset some employees -- such as the time it canceled an event in Milwaukee but continued to sell tickets online. Sources tell The Post that the company continued to sell tickets for events that weren't likely to happen.

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