Black waiter forced to serve N-word spewing diners decked in Confederate flags: report
Confederate memorial (Shutterstock)

A Black server at an Ohio restaurant was forced to serve a dinner party that was decked in Confederate battle banners and casually tossing around the N-word, reported The Daily Beast on Monday.

"They completely dehumanized me," server Arthur Mandy told the Beast.

"'A party full of people wearing Confederate flag gear just tried to f---ing come eat in our restaurant,' a TikTok user called Nani posted Saturday, the Beast reported.

"One of our Black servers had to take them."

Nani said that the table of white guests at the Texas Roadhouse never spoke to the server or gave him eye contact. 'They’re N-word this, N-word that, while he’s there at the table,' she said. 'They’re not even trying to be quiet. They’re not even trying to stop.'

Nani said the server ended up walking outside because he got so emotional over his interaction with the table.

Speaking directly to The Beast, Mandy's account lined up with the TikTok account. He said the party included a woman “covered head to toe” in the flag, and other guests with a Confederate sweatsuit, neck tattoos, and even a onesie on an infant.

"Mandy, 41, said he expected the party to be his last table for the night. A reservation was set for 11 people, but initially only a small group showed up — including a baby wrapped in a Confederate coat," the report said.

"But Mandy said he didn’t really notice the customers’ attire until more people joined the group. The rest of the party is walking in. The managers come and pull me aside and say, ‘Hey, if you have any issues with this table, let us know,’' Mandy said."

Mandy told The Daily Beast that he properly honed in on the group when an older, male customer sat down with them. 'I’m doing my spiel or whatever, things that we offer, things that we have, what he may like, and he says, ‘Well, I’ll tell you what, boy. Just get me a water with lemon.’'"

Mandy said that after they "dehumanized him," he couldn't return to the table, after which the group demanded the managers force him to return and correct their orders. He also said that while managers tried to defuse the situation, the restaurant's white owner left early — and Mandy added he's considering a lawsuit.

This is not the first controversy to befall the Texas Roadhouse chain. In 2016, a waitress at a location in Colorado was fired after fantasizing online about a murderous "purge" against Mexicans.

Efforts made by the Daily Beast to get comment from the Texas Roadhouse were not successful, it reported.