Biden-snubbed Conor Lamb says 'the race is wide open' for Pennsylvania Senate — but is that what the numbers say?
Conor Lamb

On Wednesday, writing for The Daily Beast, Ursula Perano analyzed the state of the Democratic Senate primary in Pennsylvania, one of the main pickup opportunities for the party, where Rep. Conor Lamb and Lt. Gov. John Fetterman have emerged as clear frontrunners.

"A retired Marine who prosecuted sexual misconduct cases as an attorney, Lamb has spent two terms terms in Congress establishing a reputation as a moderate Democrat who found a way to win races in 'Trump Country' — including in a House district that favored Republicans by double digits," wrote Perano. However, he has faced setbacks in his campaign.

"Lagging in the polls and falling behind in fundraising, Lamb was left off a list of local politicians who assembled to greet President Joe Biden when he visited Philadelphia earlier this month," said the report. "To make matters worse, a poll recently commissioned by Lamb’s own super PAC showed his main Democratic opponent — John Fetterman — not just beating him in a primary where the more liberal candidate often has more traction; polling showed Fetterman as the better candidate in a general election, against potential GOP nominees like Dr. Mehmet Oz."

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The poll that showed Lamb 30 points down was conducted in early February and recent polls of the GOP primary indicate Oz himself is not a favorite to win the race either. However, these still show Lamb has fought to gain traction.

"In the weeks since the poll was in the field, the contours of the race have changed. Both Fetterman and Lamb have started airing TV ads. Lamb has also received endorsements by groups such as the Philadelphia Democratic Party and the National Organization for Women’s political action committee," Politico noted.

"Lamb’s super PAC has reportedly been testing negative messaging against Fetterman, like labeling him a 'socialist' and saying he’s 'spoken at ‘Defund the Police’ rallies and wants to release convicted felons back onto our streets,'" said the report. "'This race is wide open. The biggest question on the minds of Pennsylvania Democrats is who can win in November,' said Lamb Campaign Manager Abby Nassif-Murphy in a statement to The Daily Beast. 'When they find out that John Fetterman has real baggage and has never beaten a Republican, they have serious questions.'"

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