Trump-loving lawyer schooled after claiming ‘literally no one worships Trump’

Right-wing lawyer Jenna Ellis learned a lot Monday morning after attacking MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid on Twitter over former President Donald Trump.

The exchange began Sunday evening when Reid tweeted, "If you are an idolatrous worshipper of Donald Trump, your thoughts on Biblical Christianity will he taken with a huge pound of salt by people who are reasonably familiar with the Gospel. Just so you know."

Ellis replied that "Literally no one worships Trump." She then shames Reid over the Gospel, and sarcastically invites her to know "the real Jesus."

The problem, however, is that Reid was right and Ellis is wrong.

A 2019 post on Medium from a Trump supporter explained why the former president is the second coming of Christ. The story walks through seven facts that the person says justifies the belief that Trump is actually Jesus.

Fact #1 In every picture of Jesus and Donald Trump there is a an (sic) orange glow around their head
Fact #2 Both Jesus Christ and Donald J. Trump called out the establishment and rallied the common man
Fact #3 Both were very close to a woman who was falsely accused of being a prostitute
Fact #4 Both Jesus Christ and Donald Trump were born to hugely successful fathers
Fact #5 Both Jesus Christ and Donald Trump had false rumors spread about them to undermine their credibility.
Fact #6 Both Jesus Christ and Donald Trump were crucified
Fact #7 Jesus said when he returns it will be the end times

Many pointed out that during the CPAC conference, a massive gold statue of Donald Trump where attendees could take photos and worship it. It drew many references to the "golden calf" idol in the Bible. It prompted the first Commandment from Moses to be "I am the Lord, thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

As others on Twitter pointed out to Ellis, there are several memes making the rounds on right-wing Facebook that depict the former president as Jesus during the Christian celebration of Easter.

See the other comments from Twitter users below:

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