'You know what kills people? Listening to Tucker Carlson': conservative columnist
Fox News host Tucker Carlson

Conservative Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank appeared on MSNBC Wednesday evening with a spoon stuck to his nose. It was a response to the Ohio woman who purported to be a vaccine expert during a city council meeting.

In her presentation, the woman attempted to show a key sticking to her while she claimed that she had been magnetized from the COVID-19 vaccine. She couldn't get it to stick, proving she wasn't actually magnetized. She did, however, expose herself to a world of international mockery, including from Milbank.

The Ohio anti-vaccine "expert" can't hold a candle to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who claimed that she doesn't believe in evolution, she believes in "God." Since medicine and science, in general, accepts evolution at its base, it's unclear if that means Greene no longer believes in medicine.

"You know, she frequently leaves us with no words, that fine woman," he said, dripping with sarcasm. "But the problem is it's not just her. It's not just the usual loonies. You have half of the Republicans in Congress who won't get the vaccine. You have Tucker Carlson on night, after night, telling people the vaccine kills them. Do you know what kills people? Listening to Tucker Carlson because they're not going to get vaccinated and they will die as a result of taking this advice from Fox News and from the Republican leadership. the skepticism among Black Americans is very understandable given the history the doctor was just talking about. the skepticism among Republicans is a case of malpractice by Dr. Greene, Dr. Carlson and the magnet doctor."

See the video below:

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