Kuachua Xiong and Barack Obama

A California man, Kuachua Xiong, was arrested in Iowa after posting several Tiktok videos that were concerning. When he was arrested, he was in possession of an AR-15, ammunition, body armor and a hit list that included former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton as well as Dr. Anthony Fauci. The court documents revealed that Xiong also allegedly had a plan to attack the White House.

Just before Christmas, Cass County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Tyler Shiels saw Xiong driving aggressively when he pulled the man over. The car appeared "lived in" with multiple empty Red Bull energy drink cans, which is something frequently seen by those in cross-country trips.

Xiong was asked if he had any hotel reservations in DC and he made a statement that he would get one if necessary. He then went off on a tangent about the government and the sexual abuse of children, a QAnon conspiracy theory. He then said that such behavior had to be dealt with. That was when the police concluded that Xiong was likely dangerous and began asking about any weapons in the vehicle.

"During the course of the interview, Xiong allowed investigators access to his personal cellular phone to corroborate his statements," the court documents say. "Investigators found detailed notes within Xiong's calendar and notes applications, including entries for 'Survive supplies' on October 19th, 'Safe life defense order' (body armor) on October 19th, 'Safe life fed defense' on October 22nd, 'Rifle pickup' on October 29, 'Silencer order' on November 5th, and 'Save USA' on November 20th, 21st, and 27th."

His phone also showed he was using a Google Map to craft a route to '1600 Pennsylvania NW, Washington, DC 20500.'"

During his interview with police, Xiong gave investigators a drawing of the White House and grounds with what he thought were 'weak spots' he collected during pre-attack research. He intended to use grappling hooks to climb over the perimeter fencing before getting access to the White House to kill those on his hit list. Those on his hit list, however, aren't in that location.

He then told police that nothing would stop him from carrying out the plan and he would "do whatever it takes." So, he was held in jail.

The last of his Tiktok videos shows him speaking to the camera alleging that the president was raping children and that he was going to do something about it. Even his social media biography indicates he was prepared to act.

See the documents below: