'1776 Restoration Movement' vows indefinite sit-in on National Mall after collapse of Trucker convoys: report
David Riddell AKA "Santa" de-facto f the 1776 Restoration Movement arrested by the Metro Police /Shutterstock.

There is a new anti-government movement occupying part of the National Mall with no plans to disband, WUSA-TV reported Monday evening.

WUSA-TV anchor Lorenzo Hall on Monday reported "what was then known as the 'People's Convoy' has transformed into a new group. It's called the 1776 movement."

"Right now, they are back in D.C., on the National Mall, you can see there, and they say they are not going anywhere, anytime soon," Hall reported.

Correspondent Eric Flack reported from the scene in front of a sign advertising the group's websites, where's its "grievances" include immigration, the Keystone Pipeline, Critical Race theory, and "LGBTQ propaganda and instruction."

Flack interviewed founder David Riddell, also known as "Santa," who was released from police custody on Thursday after being arrested for his role in an Independence Day protest on Interstate 270.

"If I don't like those laws, they clash with my moral beliefs, where do I move?" he wondered.

Apparently, the answer is the National Mall.

Watch WUSA-TV report on the 1776 Restoration Movement:

1776 Restoration Movement protesters gather in DC www.youtube.com