‘It sickens me’: Longtime GOP voter disgusted by the ‘corrupt and ridiculous’ Republican antics in Arizona

The Republican Accountability Project describes itself as an initiative tasked with "defending the accessibility, integrity, and competitiveness of American elections." This Tuesday, the group uploaded a video to YouTube featuring "Julie" from Prescott, Arizona, who described herself as a former Republican and Army veteran who worked for the federal government for 34 years.

"I love my country. I loved being a Republican. I was a Republican for 40 years. I voted in every election as long as I was stateside during that 40 years," Julie said. "And I believed and still believe in the principles and the ideals of the Republican Party, which are smaller government and lower taxes, balanced budgets and free trade and all those things."

"I still believe in those, but as of this day, I am a Democrat because I could not stay in a party that was committed to one person, to his bidding and his appeasement. And I just couldn't do it. So I left the party because they left me and I am now a Democrat," she continued.

After recounting her time as a poll worker, Julie said that she finds mail-in voting to be "wonderful."

"I can't tell you the number of people that would tell me back in the day, "Oh, I wanted to vote, but my kid got sick or my car broke down' or some other thing came up at the last minute and they weren't able to vote, and it's just not right. So mail-in voting is wonderful. I've been voting by mail for 16 years. I voted by mail in Colorado and I've been voting by mail in Arizona. And there's never been an issue. I've never heard anyone say there was an issue, that they saw someone cheating or knew someone that cheated or heard of any widespread cheating going on."

"And it just saddens me and it sickens me what Arizona is going through right now because of the lies of one person and everyone around him wanting to just appease him for whatever reason," she said. "I mean, it's just nuts to me. I mean, I would've never thought Republicans would do what they've been doing."

Watch the video below:

Army veteran and former Republican defends the integrity of the Arizona electionwww.youtube.com