'Stop the Steal' fan conducting audit of Arizona ballots with pens that can nullify ballots: report
US President Donald Trump photo (AFP / Nicholas Kamm) and screen capture of Arizona audit count

MSNBC host Chris Hayes addressed the audit of the Arizona election done by a pro-Trump group that was using pens that could change the ballots.

The report came from the Arizona Republic's Jen Fifield, who tweeted Friday that she witnessed the pen issue and mentioned it to Doug Logan, the leader of the firm "Cyber Ninjas" handling the audit.

There's now a concern that the Cyber Ninjas could have used their pens to change the votes on the ballots that they're proposing to "audit."

Laurie Roberts, who wrote a piece exposing Cyber Ninjas for the Republic spoke to Hayes about the company being given a blank check by the state's officials to do whatever they want.

Senate liaison Ken "Bennett, a former Republican secretary of state, is the Senate's liaison to the audit but he's not calling the shots," wrote Roberts. "In fact, no state or county official is calling the shots or even present at Veterans Memorial Coliseum (which, I suspect, is about to live up to its nickname, the Madhouse on McDowell)."

"That's the same guy, the one she is talking to, with people going around with blue pens on the physical ballots!" exclaimed Hayes. "That's the same guy who tweeted 'Stop the Steal!' His audit counters are using pens that could potentially be used to change ballots. What on Earth? I mean, there are already legitimate questions about the security around those ballots and this whole audit. A local news team in Phoenix reported for four days they, 'Gained access to the coliseum, its hallways, staircase, the main floor where the equipment would be used by the auditors. The team was able to get close to the actual ballots and counting equipment. At no time were they asked to leave. At no time did they enter a doorway or entryway with a restricted access sign.' For four entire days, nobody was guarding the ballots and election computers these people have gotten their hands on to run the audit."

See his interview with Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Brooks below:

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