Flint councilman thrown out of meeting after unleashing a slew of racist slurs
(Flickr photo/Michigan Municipal League)

First Ward Councilman Eric Mays was removed from the Flint, Michigan council meeting this week after he attacked others on the panel of lawmakers with racial slurs.

Michigan Live reported that Mays, who is Black, called other Black colleagues “handkerchief-head N-gros,” “Uncle Toms” and “Sambos.” The remarks have to do with his objections to his colleagues' support for Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley’s agenda.

He alleged that they're being subservient to white people, though the mayor is also Black.

“I call them handkerchief-head Negr*s ... I called you and Quincy [Murphy] headkerchief heads,” Mays attacked fellow member Ladel Lewis, from Ward 2. Mays was then accused of "disorderly conduct" and ordered to leave.

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Before being removed, Lewis called Mays an embarrassment to the city of Flint.

“This shouldn’t be normal. You should be embarrassed to even come up here and call anyone names..." he said, according to the report. “You are a disgrace to this council the way you attack others.”

Mays now will face a jury trial for disorderly conduct at a council meeting. He claims he's being treated differently as a Black man from white members of the council, who have attacked him in the past. Those attacks have been "descriptive."

Mays has a history of unruly behavior at council meetings. Last year, he was censured, removed as council president, and thrown out of a meeting for his disruptive actions. He has claimed he is targeted for abuse and held to a different standard because of his race.