GOP polling expert finds a policy that could be surprisingly effective with vaccine resisters
Republican pollster Frank Luntz. (Fox News screenshot)

Public health experts across the country are trying to figure out how to get Americans who are resistant to getting vaccinated against the novel coronavirus to take the shot.

GOP polling expert Frank Luntz recently conducted a focus group among vaccine resisters and found that they might reluctantly get the vaccine if institutions implemented a vaccine passport system.

To be clear, says Luntz, they would absolutely despise such a policy and would find it oppressive to their personal freedoms -- but could nonetheless comply if their hands were forced.

"Vaccine-hesitant Americans hate vaccine mandates," Luntz writes on Twitter. "But many would reluctantly abide by them and get the shot if their state required it to go watch live sports, concerts, eat at restaurants, or board a flight."

One participant in the focus group told Luntz that he "may end up having to take the vaccine, but it's not because anybody convinced me." Rather, he says, it's because one of his children is joining the Air Force, which is requiring parents of recruits to be vaccinated as a precondition of attending graduation.

"If I get vaccinated... that will be the only reason," he said.

Watch the video below.