CPAC discussion schedule shows they'll continue the 'big lie' about Trump's 2020 election
President Donald Trump speaks at CPAC 2019. Image via screengrab.

Based on the announcement of some of the CPAC discussions, it appears the conservative conference will continue to perpetuate what some are calling "the big lie," that is, Donald Trump won the 2020 election, revealed CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale.

Trump, who lost by over 7 million votes, and other Republican followers continue to maintain that the election was somehow "stolen" and that states must enact stricter voting laws to ensure voters don't have as much access to the polls. One such state is Georgia, Reuters reported last week. Florida similarly wants to restrict voting access, Pennsylvania Republicans also want restrictions and there are many, many more.

As Dale explained in a series of tweets about CPAC, seven discussion titles appear to be addressing the 2020 election and "protecting elections."

See his tweets below: