North Carolina school leaders pelted with racist abuse amid right-wing panic over critical race theory

School officials in North Carolina are being subjected to racist abuse by local conservatives who are panicked about critical race theory being taught in schools.

The Daily Beast reports that Guilford County Superintendent Sharon Contreras and Guilford County Schools Board Chair Deena Hayes have been the main targets of a campaign to end the teaching of critical race theory in schools -- despite the fact that critical race theory is not taught in any Guilford County schools.

One message left in the school community's feedback portal, for instance, complained that Contreras and Hayes were leaders despite being part of "the lowest IQ demographics in the world," a clear reference to far-right race science.

Other messages accused them of teaching "critical hood rat theory" and of having an affinity for "BLM thugs."

Hayes tells the Daily Beast that she and other school administrators are unnerved by these messages and are taking security precautions.

"I think these are very real threats," she said. "I think the incitement and the emboldening of people and frightening them with these dog-whistles and then not disassociating yourself with that is reckless, and it's unacceptable."

Winston McGregor, the county school board's vice chair, tells the Daily Beast that he thinks these messages are "dangerous" and adds that "we have requested and are working on security for our superintendent."