Right-wing group posts 'woke hot spots' map that claims to identify schools that are 'grooming toddlers'
Critical Race Theory protest (Screengrab)

A far-right group in Missouri has put out a map that claims to identify “hot spots” of so-called “woke” activity in the state, HuffPost reports.

The map focuses on at least 12 specific schools or school districts that the group, Liberty Alliance, says is indoctrinating students with "woke" ideology -- a disturbing detail especially in light of the most recent mass shooting that killed 19 students and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas.

In a statement on its website, Liberty Alliance says it's “committed to fighting back against the woke agenda permeating all across Missouri."

“The first step in fighting back is uncovering their crazy ideas — from Critical Race Theory to grooming toddlers with sexually explicit books,” the statement added. “That is why we have officially launched the Woke Heat Map — an interactive tool designed to expose the insane actions of the radical Left. This map will alert Missourians of craziness happening in their own communities.”

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As HuffPost points out, the 12 map locations cited by the group "all concerned educational institutions, and linked to articles, videos and tweets trashing things like critical race theory and diversity training. The information named at least 12 specific schools or school districts — particularly chilling in light of America’s mounting toll of school mass shootings."

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