Critics trash Ted Cruz after he blames John Kerry for litter along the southern border
Senator Ted Cruz speaking with attendees at the 2021 Young Latino Leadership Summit. (Gage Skidmore)

Last Thursday, Fox News published a report featuring drone footage that showed garbage that was abandoned along the banks of the Rio Grande River, which marks the southern division between the United States and Mexico.

"Thousands of migrants have streamed across the border near Normandy, Texas, in recent weeks, leaving behind discarded trash and clothing in their wake," the outlet explained, adding that "similar scenes can be observed at the border in Eagle Pass and the surrounding area."

On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) accused President Joe Biden and Special Climate Envoy John Kerry of creating the mess.

"If Biden and John Kerry genuinely cared about the environment - rather than using it to further a political agenda – they would support securing the border," Cruz tweeted along with the Fox News article. "An environmental catastrophe is taking place along the border and Dems and the media are silent."

Cruz has an abysmal record on the environment. The League of Conservation Voters assigned Cruz a three-percent score in 2016 for his militantly anti-environmental voting history. Cruz also has received more political contributions from the fossil fuel industry than any other lawmaker on Capitol Hill.

The Independent noted in 2021 that "over the course of his career, Cruz has received a total of $3,770,950 from oil and gas interests."

Cruz, therefore, received a shellacking on Twitter for feigning concern about protecting the Earth – which is experiencing ever-increasing disruptions thanks to the accelerating accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels.

"So trash that is easily removed and taken to the proper facility is 'an environmental catastrophe' but the glaciers melting isn't?" user Persephone fired back.

Numerous studies have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the poles are warming faster than the rest of the planet.

"You flew off to Cancun, abandoning YOUR constituents while they froze. Clean your own house before you go off on how anyone else's is, Rafael," That BlueSteel Magnolia said of a miscarried stunt that Cruz pulled during a blizzard.

Cruz absconded to Cancun in February 2021 while millions of Texans were forced to endure frigid temperatures because the deregulated, privately-controlled power grid collapsed. Cruz eventually apologized for the trip, but not before he blamed his daughters for encouraging him to go.

Others pointed out that the piecemeal border wall which former President Donald Trump promised would be funded by Mexico – and that immigration reform foe Cruz supported – had enormous detrimental effects on local ecosystems.

"Building a wall is a bigger environmental threat. But you will never understand that," COMtn Lady replied. "Instead of being a troll on Twitter, maybe you should start working with the other party on some bipartisan immigration legislation. You know, where we actually treat humans like humans."

Cruz was further reminded that as a twice-elected member of Congress, he has the authority as well as the duty to secure the border and keep it clean.

"Hey, Ted. Spoiler alert: You are a US senator," wrote Ali-O. "You know who can fix the border? The US Congress. As a senator, YOU have the power to introduce legislation to fix the border."