Mo Brooks texts email to CBS containing instructions from Donald Trump on how to request pardons

On Thursday evening, CBS News Chief Election and Campaign Correspondent Robert Costa posted a January 11th, 2021 email sent by United States Representative Mo Brooks (R-Alabama) to then-Special Assistant to the President and Oval Office Operations Coordinator Molly Michael on behalf of himself and congressional allies with instructions from former President Donald Trump on how they should request pardons for their roles in the January 6th, 2021 attempted coup.

The extraordinary memo was texted to CBS by Brooks and contains numerous typos as well as references to constitutional clauses that do not exist.

"Dear Mollie [sic]: President Trump told me to send you this letter," it begins. "This letter is pursuant to a request from [Congressman] Matt Gaetz [R-Florida]."

Gaetz, along with Congresspersons Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), Scott Perry (R-Pennsylvania), and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia), was named in Thursday's House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol hearing as having joined Brooks' effort to solicit Trump for clemency.

The document continues:

It is clear that deep-pocketed and vitriolic Socialist Democrats (with perhaps some liberal Republican help) are going to abuse America's judicial system by targeting numerous Republicans with sham charges deriving from our recent fight for honest and accurate elections and speeches related thereto.

As such, I recommend that President [sic] give general (all purpose) pardons to the following groups of people:

Every Republican who signed the Amicus brief in the Texas lawsuit against other states deriving from their violation of Article I, Section 4 (and, perhaps, other) provision [sic] of the United States Constitution.

Every Congressman and Senator who voted to reject the electoral college vote submissions of Arizona and Pennsylvania.

America cannot simply permit Socialist Democrats to abuse Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association [this is not in the Constitution], United States Constitution [sic] and various federal statutes via their often-used strategy of abusing the judicial process via private organizations they fund or the prosecutorial arm they will soon control.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mo Brooks

Sent from my iPad

Read it below:

NOW WATCH: Justice Breyer issues scathing dissent as Supreme Court kills New York gun ruling

Justice Breyer issues scathing dissent as Supreme Court kills New York gun ruling

Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are panic-tweeting after revelations they sought pardons

The House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol concluded its fifth public hearing on Thursday and revealed that multiple Republican members of Congress – Mo Brooks (Alabama), Matt Gaetz (Florida), Louie Gohmert (Texas), Scott Perry (Pennsylvania), and Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia) – sought pardons in January of 2021 from then-President Donald Trump after they voted against certifying President Joe Biden's 2020 victory in the Electoral College.

Not long after the bipartisan panel recessed, Gaetz, a fiercely loyal Trump ally and proponent of the Big Lie, took to Twitter to disparage his colleagues and their historic inquiry.

"The January 6 Committee is an unconstitutional political sideshow," he wrote. "It is rapidly losing the interest of the American people and now resorts to siccing federal law enforcement on political opponents.

Gaetz was met with immediate scorn and mockery.

Greene, another stalwart defender of Trump, also reacted defensively, accusing the Committee of "spreading gossip and lies" and conducting a "witch hunt."

But her post only raised more eyebrows. She too faced severe backlash.

Brooks, meanwhile, has agreed to testify before the Select Committee.

Constitutional law professor proposes a way Congress can stop Donald Trump from running in 2024

Former President Donald Trump is almost universally expected to run again in 2024 amid multiple ongoing civil and criminal probes into his actions during his single term as well as his personal business ventures.

The highest-profile cases are being handled by the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, which Trump incited, as well as the state of Georgia, where Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has convened a grand jury to determine whether Trump broke the law when he tried to strongarm Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger and other elections officials into overturning President Joe Biden's Electoral College victory.

So far, Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice have given no indication if Trump is on their radar for potential indictment and prosecution. Even if he is, there are technically no legal barriers to him launching a presidential campaign or getting elected while under law enforcement's microscope. Plus, there is no guarantee that Garland or Willis would secure a conviction, despite the voluminous evidence that has already been presented to the public.

But one idea has emerged that could stop Trump in his tracks. And all it would take is an act of political courage by lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Congress "should exercise its constitutional authority to prohibit Trump from seeking the presidency again," Edward Foley, the Ebersold Chair in Constitutional Law at Ohio State University and head of its election law program, wrote in a Washington Post editorial on Thursday.

To accomplish that end, Foley explained, the House of Representatives and Senate can tap into the 14th Amendment – which bars individuals who participate in insurrections from holding office – to pass a law "that would authorize the Justice Department to file a civil suit to prohibit Trump" from mounting a third (or fourth, if you count his Reform Party bid in 2000) attempt at the White House.

"Congress can make clear as part of its new statute," Foley continued, "that it deems the January 6th assault on the constitutional procedure for counting the electoral vote to amount to an 'insurrection' for purposes of the 14th Amendment’s disqualification clause."

While such an action would indeed be unprecedented – and have to come to fruition quite quickly – Foley conceded that it carries some tricky challenges.

First, Foley explained, "Congress could have achieved the same goal by convicting Trump in the second impeachment trial — the one charging him with incitement of the insurrection — and this would have resulted in disqualifying Trump from holding federal office again."

Trump was acquitted by Republicans in the Senate, in part because he had already left office, as Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) maintained at the time. Now that Trump is a private citizen, however, "that argument wouldn’t apply here," giving Congress "the chance for a do-over — if it’s willing to take it," Foley said.

That begets the second issue.

"Ten Republican Senators would have to agree to overcome a filibuster. But seven Republicans voted to convict Trump in the second impeachment proceeding," Foley noted. "It is not impossible to imagine that three more would be willing to vote in favor of this statute. After all, they don’t have to make the declaration that Trump is unfit for office; they need only allow the Justice Department to pursue disqualification in court."

Third, Foley continued, "Congress can’t specifically label Trump as a disqualified insurrectionist in such a statute. That would risk judicial invalidation for violating a separate constitutional provision, the 'bill of attainder' clause, which prohibits Congress, as the legislative branch of government, from determining a specific individual’s liability under the law."

Congress would therefore have to "further define for purposes of these civil adjudications that participants include anyone who orchestrated or advanced the insurrection without personally taking up arms at the Capitol," Foley added.

That umbrella would encompass Trump.

Foley further points out one additional advantage to his approach – that it "would avoid all the extra burdens of a criminal trial, including proof beyond a reasonable doubt."

He stressed that "safeguarding the 2024 election from the kind of subversion that Trump attempted in 2020 does not require putting him in prison for his past criminality. Instead, what is necessary is to disable him from being a candidate again."

It would also not preclude filing criminal cases against Trump.

Lindsey Graham reminisces about being 'afraid' of Donald Trump during Faith and Freedom speech

United States Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday and shared his thoughts about what life was like under former President Donald Trump.

“You know what I liked about Trump? Everybody was afraid of him, including me," said Graham, who during the 2016 campaign cycle repeatedly criticized Trump and insisted that he should never be elected.

"If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.......and we will deserve it," Graham tweeted on May 3rd, 2016.

But once Trump became the commander in chief, Graham's tune changed, a fact upon which he touched in his speech.

"The Chinese ambassador came in and said, 'we're trying to figure out Trump,'" Graham continued, recalling, "I said, 'take a number and get in line."'

Graham then added, "but here's one thing I can tell you about him. Don't cross him. Don't you miss that? Don't you miss an America that people respected and were a little bit afraid of?"

Watch below via The Recount:

Ted Cruz pilloried for saying January 6 hearings are 'idiocy' and 'designed to be theater'

United States Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) claimed on Thursday that this evening's premier hearing revealing the findings of the House of Representatives' Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol is nothing but a political ruse orchestrated by the "idiocy" of the progressive left.

The bipartisan panel, which was established last summer, has interviewed a thousand witnesses who provided documents as well as thousands of hours of eyewitness testimony to what went on before, during, and after the violent insurgency that left five people dead and American democracy on the brink of collapse. Hundreds of individuals who participated in the riot have been arrested and charged with crimes.

Cruz, however, believes the commission, its discoveries, and the six scheduled public hearings are a sham.

"Listen, I gotta say, I think your comment is really unfair to clowns. It's not right to blame clowns for the idiocy of [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi [D-California] and the Democrats," Cruz stewed on Newsmax, a conservative media outlet.

"And this is theater. It's designed to be theater, right down to they brought in a Hollywood producer. This is – it's not unlike watching the Democratic National Convention, which is a slick, propaganda machine. You know, I don't watch the DNC convention because I don't believe in the ideas they're pushing," Cruz continued. "That's what this hearing is going to be and it is sadly going to have the warm and enthusiastic embrace of the corrupt corporate media. You know, The New York Times just observed that this hearing 'is a chance for Democrats to change the midterm narrative.' Well, for once, The New York Times accidentally reported the truth, cuz they admitted this is all about politics. This is a campaign ad."

Watch below:

Social media blowback was harsh.

'Quit filibustering!' Angry constituents challenge Republican Chuck Grassley over inaction on gun control

United States Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) was confronted by a roomful of constituents frustrated with the federal government's inaction on stopping gun violence during a town hall in Columbus Junction, Louisa County, Iowa on Wednesday.

Grassley, 88, was bombarded with questions about why he and other Republican lawmakers refuse to agree to modest proposals like raising purchasing age requirements, limiting high-capacity magazines, or expanding background checks, even as the nation grapples with the 233rd mass shooting so far this year.

Grassley declined to reveal what sort of new regulation he would support and insisted that his colleagues are working on the problem.

“Yesterday, they had a meeting by Zoom and they had very positive results, and they think they have a framework put together that something can be done to stop this violence through some gun legislation and through some school safety issues,” Grassley said of Senators John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut). “To answer your question, I’m going to wait until they report next week before I decide what I’m going to do.”

One of the people in attendance asked Grassley if he would consider a ban on the AR-15, which is the weapon of choice in the vast majority of firearm massacres.

“They’re there to kill people," the man said of the semi-automatic rifle.

Grassley noted that because "there are 400 million guns in the United States" and that "15 million of them are AR-15s... you’re still going to have AR-15s even if you stop selling them right now."

A woman sitting in the back of the room immediately shot that down.

“The answer is not to do nothing!” she exclaimed.

Grassley, however, reverted to his previous statement on the Senate's negotiations.

“The answer to your question is a process answer. Whatever we do through the Cornyn/Murphy cooperative effort to make schools safe and do what you can with guns, that probably would not get 60 votes," he said.

“Quit filibustering it then!” another person shouted, referring to Grassley personally blocking Murphy's unanimous consent request on universal background checks last December.

Watch below via Iowa Starting Line:

The story continues here.

NOW WATCH: Mark Meadows' texts 'paint a very clear portrait' of Team Trump's plot to overthrow the election

Mark Meadows' texts 'paint a very clear portrait' of Team Trump's plot to overthrow the election

'We will circle back': Texas cop scoffs at reporter asking why officers took an hour to stop Uvalde shooter

Public aggravation with law enforcement's conflicting timeline of Tuesday's mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas that killed 19 students and two teachers and injured 17 others is mounting, and the latest press conference on how emergency teams responded to the assault only fueled further frustration.

The biggest mystery is why it took officers nearly an hour to neutralize the 18-year-old gunman, who police maintain barricaded himself in a classroom before he slaughtered nearly two dozen fourth-graders.

On Thursday, CNN's Crime and Justice Correspondent Shimon Prokupecz asked the officer addressing the media to clarify why it took authorities so long to reach the suspect.

"You guys have said that he was barricaded. Can you explain to us how he was barricaded and why you guys could not breach that door?" Prokupecz asked.

"I have taken all of your questions into consideration. We will be doing updates. We will be answering those questions," the officer replied.

"Can you answer that question now sir? Because we’ve been given a lot of bad information, so why don’t you clear all of this up now and explain to us how is that your officers were in there for an hour, yes, rescuing people, but yet no one was able to get inside that room?" Prokupecz pressed again.

"Shimon, we will circle back with you. We will answer all your questions. We wanna give you the 'why.' That's our job, so give us time. I'm taking all your questions. I'm taking them back to talk to the team," the officer responded.

"Can you tell us how the door was barricaded?" Prokupecz followed up but to no avail.

"Thank you for being here. We'll talk soon," the official said.

Watch below via Acyn:

Donald Trump Jr. rants and raves at Biden over baby formula shortages and US aid to 'the Ukraine'

Donald Trump Jr. published a video on his Rumble channel on Thursday in which he rants and raves about President Joe Biden's sympathy toward Americans who are struggling to feed their families amid global supply chain disruptions.

Biden gave a speech on Wednesday at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 40th Annual Conference in which he touted the benefits of his American Rescue Plan while blasting Republicans for trying to block it:

The American Rescue Plan provided eviction relief, funding for states and cities to allocate to landlords and renters — help them keep a roof over the heads — 5 million households.
Remember those long lines you’d see on the television and people lining up in all kinds of vehicles just to get a box of food in their trunk? How quickly we forget people were hurting.
And what did the MAGA crowd want to do? Forget it. Forget it.
God, this is the United States of America. The idea that people would have to wait in line an hour or hour and a half to get a box of food in their trunk — it’s just unbelievable.

Watch Biden's full address below:

President Biden Addresses the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 40th Annual Conference

Biden's concern for the well-being of his citizenry threw Junior into a tizzy. The eldest son and lesser namesake of former President Donald Trump proceeded to blame Biden for shortages of staples like baby formula.

It was Junior's father, however, who in 2019 signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement – which replaced the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement enacted in 1998 by then-President Bill Clinton – that restricted baby formula's import from our Northern neighbor. Product recalls by the Food and Drug Administration have also led to sparse grocery story shelves.

But in Junior's universe, all consumer woes are the president's fault and only he has the power to fix them (unless his dad is in office, in which case whatever goes wrong is because of the Democrats).

In his three-minute rant, Junior suggested that Biden has no idea that he is "actually" the commander in chief and that he needs to be reminded of that fact.

After showing a clip of Biden's quote mentioned above, Junior wondered by Biden needs to "yell about things" (a very rich accusation coming from Junior, who regularly rage-posts), given that he is "supposedly" the leader of the free world.

Junior falsely associated the $40 billion aid package to Ukraine with the scarcity of baby formula.

"Joe Biden will be outraged when he finds out. He will probably be more outraged when he finds out that he's the president of the United States. I'm not sure he knows these things," Junior said.

Next, Junior declared that the cancelation of oil and gas exploration in Alaska is fueling inflation, which it is not, before circling back to disparaging the president's mental faculties and predicting that the United States will run out of food.

"Um, ya think he knows he's in charge? Does he have any idea? Um, I wonder how long it's gonna take to find any kind of food in Joe Biden's America," Junior rambled, "because it feels like we're getting there really quickly, guys"

The Trumps are not suffering from hunger or a lack of money, and the lavish parties that are periodically thrown at the family's numerous estates appear to be smashing successes.

Junior then failed to comprehend why Biden is so popular and urged his fans to vote for Republicans in the midterms so that all of America's problems can be solved.

"What a joke. Total clown show," Junior groaned, adding that Biden "didn't do anything" as a Senator, that "nothing has changed" since he took office, and that the federal government is wasting resources by sending money to "the Ukraine."

Watch below:

New York judge lifts contempt citation against Donald Trump and orders him to pay accumulated fines

A federal judge has lifted a contempt order that he imposed upon former President Donald Trump on April 25th, The New York Times reported on Wednesday.

New York Supreme Court 1st Judicial District Judge Arthur Engoron told the ex-commander in chief on Monday that he has until May 20th to pay $110,000 in fines and comply with a subpoena for documents issued in December by Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James, who has been conducting a civil bank and tax fraud investigation into the Trump Organization's business practices for nearly three years.

James has amassed troves of evidence that Trump and his associates engaged in "fraudulent and misleading" behavior by manipulating property values in order to secure loans and skirt taxes. Her probe is running concurrently with a criminal inquiry being led by Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg along the same avenues of interest.

Trump and his attorneys maintain that he is a victim of a political "witch hunt" and that James is engaging in racist attacks against him. They have also denied that Trump has acted in bad faith and intentionally withheld the requested materials from James and her team of prosecutors.

“All documents responsive to the subpoena were produced to the attorney general months ago,” Alina Habba, one of Trump's lawyers, told Engoron. “This does not even come close to meeting the standard on a motion for contempt.”

If Trump fails to pay or comply, the contempt charge will be reinstated, Engoron said.

James, meanwhile, lauded Engoron's decision as a long-overdue victory for justice and the rule of law.

“For years, Donald Trump has tried to evade the law and stop our lawful investigation into him and his company’s financial dealings," she said in a statement. “Today’s ruling makes clear: No one is above the law.”

NOW WATCH: Biden addresses inflation as enraged Mark Meadows admits his plan will 'help the American people'

Biden addresses inflation as Mark Meadows admits Biden's plan will 'help the American people'

He 'drove himself into a dead end': Ukraine's top spy makes bold prediction about Vladimir Putin

The head of Ukraine's intelligence forces said on Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin 'drove himself into a dead end' and that his war in Ukraine will end with his demise.

In an extensive interview with The New Voice of Ukraine, Major-General Kyrylo Budanov, the chief of the Central Intelligence Agency (GUR) of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, said that Putin chose the "path of genocide" and that "all the problems of the Russian army have just emerged."

Putin's failures, Budanov said, began on the day that his forces entered Ukraine, according to a translation provided by The Daily Beast.

"It was a great PR. All they spent money on was to show the greatness of the Russian army in the world. Now everyone has seen - there is no greatness," Budanov remarked on Putin's pre-invasion bluster. "It is impossible to compare the military potential of Russia and Ukraine before the start of this phase of the war, which began on February 24: it is a ten-fold, and in some respects twenty-fold advantage of the Russian Federation. However, real hostilities have shown real problems: they have a quantitative indicator, of course, but no qualitative one. Secondly, rather low motivation. The losses they have suffered during this time have a strong impact on them."

Budanov foresees increasingly brash decisions being jettisoned out of the Kremlin, including a potential surge of false-flag terrorist attacks inside Russia's borders.

"Look what's happening. Many explosions, many destroyed objects - and Russia blames only Ukraine for everything. Look at the situation with Transnistria, for example. Of course, this is a good position - to blame Ukraine for everything. And how is all this possible? Can anyone explain?" he posited.

Timing, Budanov continued, is not on Putin's side either. He noted that Russia's upcoming World War II Victory Day celebrations on May 9th will arrive far too soon for Putin to have accomplished anything in Ukraine.

Budanov also pointed out that "the Russian army is completely demotivated. However, there is a military vertical - commands come to them, and they will be forced to carry them out. Whether you like it or not, there is an order, and you will carry it out. If you don't do it, you go to prison, there are many different options. Therefore, their moral condition is not significant. They will carry out the order."

Incidentally, The Daily Beast reported on Monday that Putin has been "transporting the corpses" of fallen Russian fighters "back to Russia in small groups in order to avoid suspicion that Russia’s invasion is sustaining massive losses or faltering in Ukraine."

Estimates of Russian casualties in Ukraine range from 7,000 to 23,000, although independent verification of those figures has been elusive.

Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, meanwhile, has insisted that May 9th has nothing to do with Ukraine.

Nevertheless, given how poorly Russia has performed, Putin is staring at certain defeat, even if he deploys strategic atomic bombs as a last-ditch means to claim a win, Budanov explained.

"The chance to use tactical nuclear weapons has always been. There is no point in using strategic nuclear weapons, because we are close enough to each other. But tactical nuclear weapons and their use will simply hasten the end of Russia," he said. "This war is over."

Budanov then laid out two scenarios that he believes will mark the end of the conflict.

"The unofficial one," Budanov said, will be orchestrated by Russia's heavily-sanctioned oligarchy.

"They are afraid of losing their wealth. And they understand how it will end very quickly for them," he said. This approach, however, presumes that Putin manages to negotiate his way out of the crisis.

The more likely conclusion, Budanov predicted, is that Putin is eliminated altogether.

"Leaving him a way to retreat is one of the strategies, but it is almost unrealistic. He is a war criminal for the whole world. This is his end," Budanov said. "He drove himself into a dead end."

Questions emerge about Donald Trump Jr's wellbeing following ballistic video

Donald Trump Jr. is not coping well with Monday's leak of the United States Supreme Court's draft majority opinion ending abortion rights – but not because millions of his fellow citizens will lose their fundamental liberties.

On Wednesday morning, Junior posted a video to Rumble in which he freaked out over the fact that a forthcoming Supreme Court ruling was prematurely made public.

The three-minute video began with an overly stimulated Junior flailing around, shouting about privacy, and demanding a "criminal investigation" into the leak (there is no evidence so far that any laws were broken):

Well guys, you saw the leak from the Supreme Court, an unprecedented thing. This kind of stuff doesn't happen. I don't know that I'm ever aware of a leak. This is not like Congress where everything leaks, and trust me I've done enough testimony. Things are leaking during, uh, closed-door hearings. I get it. The Supreme Court doesn't have leaks. If there's not a thorough criminal investigation into who leaked privileged documents about a draft decision from the United States Supreme Court – where a small, small, tiny handful of people have access to it – then we live in a clown show state. We live in a clown show state, folks.

Junior said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation should spearhead his desired probe because it once looked into a suspected noose that was hanging from a garage door belonging to NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, which turned out to be nothing.

There is no connection between the Wallace incident and the Supreme Court leak.

"If they don't send people to investigate this, then again, we live in a clown show state," he reiterated.

Next, Junior alleged without presenting any proof that a "pissed off leftist" for whom "the media will run cover" was behind the breach. He equated the leak to a "general coordinating with communist China, giving Chinese generals examples of what our response would be."

Junior then boasted that "this may be the first time in history that a Supreme Court opinion has leaked. I'm not aware of another time and I dunno that any of you are either."

This is incorrect, as the Court's original Roe versus Wade decision was leaked ahead of time.

Junior then thundered over the following 90 seconds that the leak was part of a coordinated effort by "the left" to manipulate the November midterm elections. Here, again, he did not offer anything to support his manic assumption.

What captured the attention of observers of social media, however, was Junior's ballistic behavior. The Twitterverse suspected that Junior's rapid-fire rant was indicative of substance abuse.

Junior's hypothesis was also shot down.

So was his apparent lack of self-awareness.

Jamie Raskin boxes in Republicans before stomping the box

Guy Reschenthaler’s face looked beat up. I almost felt sorry for him. The Pennsylvania congressman was forced to explain Thursday what he and his conference were doing in the House after Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin, in short order, tore three of them down.

By the time Raskin was finished with Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, the carnage was so bad Reschenthaler demanded that Raskin’s word “be taken down.” That’s a House rule disciplining members who use “inappropriate words in debate.”

(In this case it was over passage of the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend Lease Act, a $33 billion aid package requested by the president to continue helping Ukraine fight and repel the invading Russian army.)

Raskin conceded that he used “unparliamentary language to make my point.” Though Raskin was scolded, it was Reschenthaler who looked warmed over. Before moving on, he explained that his conference wasn’t debating the substance of the bill. (It has majority support, he said.) His conference was merely debating the rule leading to passage.

OK then.

In truth, Elise Stefanik of New York, James Comer of Kentucky and Greene of Georgia were following a play devised by colleague Jim Jordan. The idea, according to a leaked memo, was making everything about immigration for the benefit of the viewers of rightwing media. So they were long on “open border policy” and the “invasion of the southern border” and short on anything having to do with Ukraine.

It was like Raskin saw that bullshit coming.

In what looked like a masterclass on defusing and dismantling rightwingers and their fascist rhetoric, Raskin 1) put the Republicans in a broad context with the highest of stakes, in this case Ukrainian democracy against Russian autocracy; and 2) found a Republican, in this case Marjorie Talyor Greene, who has said things you say only when your love of democracy is subordinate to your lust for power.

Raskin boxed them in.

Then he stomped the box.

The following is a lightly edited transcript of Raskin's response to statements made by Stafanik, Comer and Greene, in that order.

Responding to Elise Stefanik

I think that all of these efforts to distract us from the issue at hand are meant to cover up the very clear pro-Russian and pro-Putin faction at the heart of their side of the aisle.

Last month, the very distinguished gentlelady from Georgia went on a radio show called The Voice of Rural America. She followed Donald Trump’s sickening appeasement of Vladimir Putin and blamed Ukraine for the situation.

She said, “You see, Ukraine just kept poking the bear and poking the bear, which is Russia, and Russia invaded. There is no win for Ukraine here. Russia is successful in this invasion."

When members of Congress, who are cheerleaders for Vladimir Putin, and are voices have nothing but defeatism, fatalism and pessimism for democracy in Europe – so they try to distract us with a lot of phony rhetoric about other issues.

She also said, “NATO has been supplying the neo-Nazis in Ukraine with powerful weapons and extensive training on how to use them. What the hell is going on with these NATO Nazis?”

My friends, we got to decide which side we're on.

When Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt looked at what was happening in Europe during World War Two and they saw Nazis marching down the street, they did not see very fine people on both sides of the street.

They did not start cheerleading for Mussolini and Hitler and Franco.

Yet we have people here who speak on the side of Vladimir Putin and on the side of Russia. Let's pass this Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend Lease Act to show where America is.

We are not cheerleaders for Vladimir Putin.

We are not going to follow the Trump-Putin axis down the road towards autocracy and kleptocracy and sedition and insurrection and corruption and coups in the United States.

That's not where we're going.

This is the land of the free, the home of the brave.

We stand for democracy here.

Not Vladimir Putin.

Responding to James Comer

We're here to talk about aid to Ukraine, how to streamline and expedite aid to defend the people of Ukraine. And they will talk about anything but.

I was willing to believe the distinguished gentlelady from Georgia, and several other members, were isolated in their conference.

Now I'm starting to think maybe they're speaking for the whole conference.

I wonder if my good friend from Pennsylvania would explicitly repudiate some of these statements made by the gentlelady from Georgia.

Does the minority conference agree that NATO has been supplying “neo-Nazis in Ukraine” with powerful weapons?

Does the distinguished gentleman from Pennsylvania support or dissociate himself from the argument that the aid that we sent to Ukraine falls “into the hands of Nazis”? – a statement made by the gentlelady from Georgia echoing Putin’s filthy claim that his war on the sovereign democracy of Ukraine is in fact an attempt to de-Nazify the country.

We hear distinct echoes in everything that we get from the erudite gentlelady from Georgia.

Does the minority agree that Putin invaded because Ukraine repeatedly poked the bear?

I can't understand why they won't talk about defending Ukraine. That's what this legislation is about. That's what this rule is about.

They want to talk about anything other than that. We can debate all of those other important issues in other contexts at the right time. This is how the House of Representatives works.

But why are they covering up for the pro-Putin faction within their conference? I would like them to dissociate themselves from the people who were blaming Ukraine for Russia's bloody imperial invasion and war of human rights violations and atrocities against the people.

Responding to Marjorie Taylor Greene

Mr. Speaker, the United States of America just witnessed the most astonishing spectacle.

We are here to debate aid to the people of Ukraine defending themselves against a massive invasion by Vladimir Putin and his army.

Then, the minority puts up the distinguished gentlelady from Georgia who does not mention Ukraine once. She does not mention the thousands of Ukrainian civilians who’ve been slaughtered by Putin's army.

She does not mention more than 100 Ukrainian children who've been shot and killed by the [Russian] army.

Instead, she talks about a massive invasion at the border, a massive invasion which their own speakers have said today hundreds of thousands of people have been apprehended in.

That's very different from a military invasion.

The one in Ukraine, of course, the gentlelady is not going to talk about that.

She had a lot to say the other day when she heckled me continuously. When I came to the floor, it was like the Rocky Horror Picture Show in here with her chanting about the Russia hoax and Russia this and Russia that.

Now she has the opportunity to tell the world what her views about Russia are. I put them out there, exactly what she said.

She said that the aid that the taxpayers of America are sending to the people of Ukraine to defend themselves against Vladimir Putin and the Russian Army falls into the hands of Nazis.

I want to see her proof.

Where's her evidence?

She talks about NATO Nazis.

Does the minority believe our allies in NATO, who are trying to defend the people of Ukraine, are Nazis?

Has to come to this?

Gentlelady talks about a massive invasion – we had a massive invasion of our own chamber.

She continued to be a cheerleader for the insurrection.

Twitter roasts gaffe queen 'Marshall Law Marge'

United States Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) recently gave an interview with Militant Church, a Catholic right-wing non-profit media outlet, in which she blamed the press – not her own actions and frequent gaffes – for the abysmal reputation that she has earned in the eyes of the American public.

"They don't really know me. And the reason that they don't know who I truly am is the media created a character of me and that's the character that they want to present to the American people," Greene claimed to host Michael Voris.

She may have meant to use the term "caricature," but whatever. Who knows. My bad, I guess.

"They don't want the American people to know that I'm a wife, a mother, and that I think being a mother is the best part of my life. They don't want the American people to understand that I'm actually very smart, successful in business, great with strategy, and very passionate and committed to serving in Congress but actually changing the way Congress works," she said.

"The media just doesn't want anyone to know that. They don't want anyone to like me," Greene complained, "because if they like me, then my ideas and policies and legislation will be successful. And the media is 'America Last.'"

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

In an interview with the right-wing Catholic organization Church Militant, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene complains that people don't really know her "because the media created a character of me": "They don't want the American people to understand that I'm actually very smart."
— Right Wing Watch (@Right Wing Watch) 1650916468

This is gaslighting at its most charming. When the media airs Greene's actions and remarks, they are presented in their raw form.

Greene's first term in the House of Representatives began with her objecting to President Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 election and has been defined by her having latched onto former President Donald Trump's lie that the contest was stolen.

On Monday, text messages relating to the January 6th, 2021 Capitol insurrection between Greene and then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows showed that Greene lacks a basic grasp of fundamental topics.

"In our private chat with only Members, several are saying the only way to save our Republic is for Trump to call for Marshall law," Greene wrote on January 17th. "I don't know on those things. I just wanted you to tell him. They stole this election. We all know. They will destroy our country next. Please tell him to declassify as much as possible so we can go after Biden and anyone else!"

Solid plan.

Twitter had some feedback for the freshman conspiracy theorist lawmaker.

Uh.. yeah.. that's it..
— Krista \ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\uddf8 \ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\udde6 \ud83c\udf0a\ud83c\udf0a\ud83c\udf0a (@Krista \ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\uddf8 \ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\udde6 \ud83c\udf0a\ud83c\udf0a\ud83c\udf0a) 1650916830
If you have to spell it out it isn\u2019t true
— BBQ, mud bugs, and peace (@BBQ, mud bugs, and peace) 1650916951
But doesn't know how to use google to check her spelling. Or is not smart enough to hire competent staff.
— Kelly Kaufman (@Kelly Kaufman) 1650918077
Marshall law
— asphyxious \ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\udde6\ud83c\uddf1\ud83c\uddf7\ud83c\uddf5\ud83c\uddf8 (@asphyxious \ud83c\uddfa\ud83c\udde6\ud83c\uddf1\ud83c\uddf7\ud83c\uddf5\ud83c\uddf8) 1650917597
— ChuckUfarley (@ChuckUfarley) 1650917644
— Jannette Eichner (@Jannette Eichner) 1650917939
"Gazpacho police"
— Pineapple Swifty \ud83c\udff3\ufe0f\u200d\ud83c\udf08\ud83e\udd18 (@Pineapple Swifty \ud83c\udff3\ufe0f\u200d\ud83c\udf08\ud83e\udd18) 1650916646
Claiming to be smart and then following it up with stupidity, isn\u2019t the best strategy to convince people that you\u2019re smart.
— HippieGoatMan (@HippieGoatMan) 1650919699
Hey MTG: It\u2019s better to let people think you\u2019re stupid than open your mouth and prove it. Unfortunately for you, that Good-ship Moron has already sailed. We know you\u2019re the captain of the boat.
— Captain Irascible (@Captain Irascible) 1650918716
What?! I\u2019ve read quotes of things she had said. She\u2019s a stupid idiot. Only stupid people feel compelled to say they are smart.
— LiberalNancyinTulsa (@LiberalNancyinTulsa) 1650919647

But more importantly, Greene has proposed zero pieces of legislation, advocated for the overthrow of the federal government, proclaimed that Jewish space lasers caused wildfires, and declared herself a general in the Republican Party's divisive culture wars less than two years after being sworn in.

"They won't like my legislation"\nWhat legislation?\u00a0\u2026
— David Sanger, Photographer (@David Sanger, Photographer) 1650916985

It also bears noting the irony of Greene whining about not being "liked" when she aligns herself with the "fuck your feelings" Trump cult. And, like Trump, Greene was suspended from Twitter for spreading misleading information and outright propaganda.

Incredibly, later in the same interview, Greene called the Capitol a "glass castle that's empty of anything good" and referred to Congress as a "ship of fools" for whom she has "no respect." How this will endear her to more people is perplexing.

Greene also told Voris that "I don't even know why God has not destroyed us."

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sat down for an interview with Michael Voris of the radical right-wing Catholic organization Church Militant, where she declared that the "spiritual character" of America has become so evil that "I don't even know why God has not destroyed us."
— Right Wing Watch (@Right Wing Watch) 1650916116

'Bless your heart': Marsha Blackburn buried for untrue anti-critical race theory 'klansplaining'

United States Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) on Saturday suggested that American parents are rebelling against the teaching of critical race theory. Then she called for it to be banned.
"Parents across America are paying attention to what their children are learning in the classroom, and they’re speaking up," Blackburn tweeted. "Ban critical race theory."

Gun control activist Fred Guttenberg offered Blackburn some perspective.

Other Twitter users – including parents – fired back at Blackburn, whose complaint can be easily dismantled under some light scrutiny:

  • Critical race theory is not an official component of any public school curriculum
  • Avoiding history does not mean that the sins of the past did not happen
  • An outright "ban" would be a violation of free speech
  • Outlawing an idea is literally impossible

Mitch McConnell slammed for claiming that the US spends too little on the military

United States Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) caused an uproar on social media on Monday after he tweeted that President Joe Biden's request for an additional $31 billion in military spending is nowhere near enough.

The Department of Defense has asked Congress to allocate the extra funds – on top of the $782 billion already slated to be dumped down the "defense" drain – to aid Ukraine in its fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin's genocidal invasion. McConnell, however, signaled that even more money should be pumped into the coffers of corporate warmongers.

"President Biden's budget reinforces the disconnect between this Administration’s far-left goals and what Americans need," wrote McConnell. "It’s soft on the defense funding we need to outpace Russia and China, heavy on left-wing waste and historic tax hikes."

As if that were not enough, "an analysis by Capital Alpha Partners’ Byron Callan noted the Republican target is likely $875 billion for overall defense and national security spending," according to a DefenseNews report.

Twitter wasted no time reminding McConnell that the US already outspends most of its allies and adversaries – combined – on its armed forces. And that siphoning dollars away from much-needed socioeconomic reforms ultimately makes the US a weaker country.