Tense city council meeting erupts into a physical confrontation – and it’s all caught on video

During a committee meeting for the Crowley City Council in Louisiana this Wednesday a physical confrontation broke between two council members who were arguing, KATC reports.

Aldermen Brad Core and Jeff Cavell had to be separated by police officers after they disagreed over the city's relationship with an accounting firm tasked with conducting auditing services for the city's fiscal year ending on Aug. 31.

KATC broke down the nature of the disagreement as follows:

"Alderman Vernon Martin, who was not on the committee, asked if the item was up for an RFP, or request for proposals. However, the committee responded that professional services do not fall under RFP requirements. Core, who is a member of the committee, said that it would be good to have a 'set of fresh eyes' on the city's financial statements with a firm that has an established working relationship. Cavell, who chairs the committee, attempted to answer Martin's question by saying that the city 'got help,' but did not get the budget for three months until there was a Certified Public Accountant on staff, which he said was 'basically extortion.'"

The meeting devolved into several members shouting over each other. Core then approached Cavell and began waving his finger in his face, prompting officers to separate them.

Watch the video below:

Crowley City Council Meeting Gets Heated Again www.youtube.com