Dem caller scolds C-SPAN for 'blowing smoke in people's eyes' with hourlong show on 'cancel culture'
C-SPAN/screen grab

A C-SPAN caller on Wednesday criticized the network for spending an hour on the subject of "cancel culture," a right-wing notion which asserts that some people are being "cancelled" when they face consequences for their actions.

Washington Journal host Greta Brawner explained "cancel culture" by reading a Wikipedia definition that described the practice as a "modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles."

A man named James from San Francisco began his call by noting that he was a longtime fan of Brawner and C-SPAN.

"These terms that are being bantered around are extreme right-wing terms," James observed. "The problem is we need the truth. We need facts. And it's anybody like [former Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA)] who makes these incredible statements that are so incredibly arbitrarily made without facts behind it. We need the media to back up these things with facts."

"And if they don't and if they play both sides equitably, people are misled, they're misinformed," he continued. "We need facts. And we don't get it from the right."

James accused conservatives of hiding behind "vague, arbitrary terms" to cover up their failures.

"It blows smoke in people's eyes," he said.

"Where do you get your facts?" Brawner asked.

"I watch C-SPAN like a religion," James said, pointing out it was 4 a.m. in California. "It is my duty as a citizen of America to be as informed and educated as possible. And if I don't do that, I am betraying my country."

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.