Cult leader dies on the way to court appearance for alleged human sacrifice during 'church' rituals

A Jamaican cult leader named Pastor Kevin Smith died in a car accident while police were taking him to a court appearance, the Daily Beast reported Monday.

Smith, who should not be confused with the American filmmaker, was taken into custody Sunday after two of his cult's followers were killed during the "human sacrifice" ritual. He ran the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries and was under arrest after reports of human sacrifices as part of the ceremonies. When the police came into the "church," there were more than 100 people dressed in white robes.

The process involved senior members of the cult leadership "stabbing" and "slashing" members who had been told they'd be going on a "heavenly journey." The two members were then killed during the ritual, but one was killed during the raid by the police, said the report.

The chief of Jamaica's Constabulary Forces communication unit, Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, confirmed to the Beast that Smith had died.

"They were taking him to Kingston to be formally charged; there was an accident and all four people in the vehicle received serious injuries. Two died, a police constable and Mr. Smith and the other two police officers are in critical condition," said the statement.

"When I saw blood and the young lady fell, I said 'This is it for me,'" said a member, who spoke to the Jamaican Observer.

Ahead of the "ritual," Smith told members of the cult to leave their cell phones at home, claiming there was a coming "flood."

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