Another Fox News meltdown as Rush Limbaugh replacement triggers Geraldo
Dan Bongino and Geraldo Rivera (Photo: Screen capture)

For the second night in a row, sometimes Fox News host Geraldo Rivera battled with Rush Limbaugh's replacement Dan Bongino. On Tuesday night, the two men joined Sean Hannity's show, where the host surprisingly appeared as the reasonable one.

At one point, Rivera called Bongino a "son of a b*tch" and a punk after Bongino attacked Geraldo for calling out the racism that leads to police brutality.

Wednesday evening, the fight continued, this time with Geraldo shouting down Bongino for his multiple failed political campaigns.

"I know more than you. What do you know? What, you had a ten-minute career as a cop? You've been running for office for the last twenty years!" Rivera said.

See a clip of the videos below:

Tuesday night: