Dan Bongino said he'd leave radio gig job over mandates — but two months later, he's still there
Dan Bongino appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Conservative pundit Dan Bongino spent many of his radio episodes complaining about the mask mandate, attacking lockdowns, and ranting about vaccine mandates during the pandemic.

As the Washington Post pointed out, Bongino ranted that, despite being vaccinated, he didn't agree with any vaccine mandate. In fact, he drew a line when it comes to the company that broadcasts his show across the country.

"You can have me, or you can have the mandate, but you can't have both," he said during his Oct. 18 show. Cumulus Media hasn't backed down on the company's mask mandate.

Bongino finished treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma in Feb. 2021, so he's been vaccinated "on the advice from his doctor," his team said a few months ago.

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"I'm not really happy with the company I work with right here," said Bongino in Oct. "I believe these vaccine mandates are unethical. I believe they're immoral. I believe they don't take into account the science of natural immunity due to a prior infection. I believe they're broad-based and don't take into account an individual circumstances of why they may or may not want to take a vaccine. And they're antithetical to everything I believe in."

"So I'll say again, I'm not going to let this go," he continued. "Cumulus is going to have to make a decision with me — if they want to continue this partnership or they don't. But I'm talking to you on their airwaves. They don't have to let that happen. And I wouldn't mind if they didn't. Because it's really unfortunate that people with a lower profile than me, who don't have 300-plus stations, have been summarily either shown the door or been put in really untenable circumstances because they simply want to make a medical decision by themselves."

After several months the company hasn't budged, but neither has Bongino.

The Post cited talk radio historian Brian Rosenwald, who explained that Bongino's pledge to leave was really nothing more than a "stunt" and a "cynical ploy."

“There was an incentive for him to stay with them because of that platform, and they’ve invested a lot of money in launching this show and building it up," Rosenwald continued. Essentially, Bongino never had any intention of leaving his show due to vaccine mandates.

Bongino isn't the only right-leaning host to rant against vaccine mandates. Fox mandated that all on-sight workers at all businesses be vaccinated, including hosts like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. Like Bongino, they too have no intention of leaving their shows due to mandated vaccines at their New York offices.

Carlson ranted that any implication that there were vaccine passports at Fox was false. It turns out there were vaccine passports. Anyone who refuses to be vaccinated must submit to daily rapid tests. Laura Ingraham agreed with Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) when he called vaccine mandates "an assault on our freedom."

"I’m not anti-vaccine. Never had been," Ingraham told the Washington Post in Oct. 2021. "I’ve said multiple times that the vaccine clearly has benefits for vulnerable populations, immunocompromised individuals. What I’m against is vaccine mandates and telling people who are healthy young individuals that if you don’t do this, you can’t play sports, you can’t get a job, you can’t get into a university.

Now, not only does Cumulus Media mandate vaccines but Fox is doing the same thing across the board, eliminating the testing option.

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