Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Joe Biden's son is the real 'Neanderthal' because his name is 'Hunter'
Fox News/screen grab

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) fired back on Thursday after President Joe Biden accused some states of "Neanderthal thinking" over the decision to life mask mandates.

"What I would call Neanderthal thinking is Gov. Newsom in California telling people not to come out of their cave for a year," Patrick told Fox News host Harris Faulkner. "And I would call Neanderthal thinking allowing people to cross the border illegally with COVID, tested positive and put them on a bus!"

Patrick also suggested that Joe Biden's son was a Neanderthal because his name is "Hunter."

"Of course that word would come to the president very quickly because if you look up the definition of it, it says Neanderthal were hunter/gatherers and that of course would be the name of his son, who gathers millions for his family from countries around the world," the Texas Republican opined.

"But I go back to the president," he added. "How dare him attack Texas for our policies when he is allowing the border to be overrun by people coming here by the hundreds, by the thousands and testing positive and coming on a bus to your state, where you have to live in the United States of America! What a hypocrite!"

Watch the video below from Fox News.