Dan Rather will 'never understand' why Republicans politicized public health measures during a pandemic
Dan Rather (The Tonight Show)

Veteran broadcaster Dan Rather took to Twitter on Saturday to explain how he was going to enjoy a quiet night of baseball.

"Brisket on the fire. Baseball on the TV. A hot summer night in Texas. I know there is a lot that's wrong in the world. I will continue to bear witness. But tonight Jean and I are going to savor some of what is right, together," Rather posted.

But less than two hours later, Rather posted a reflective poem on the Republican response to the coronavirus pandemic.

"So many have died who didn't need to. So many suffering who could've been protected," he wrote.

"So much sadness that will endure. So much lost that will never be regained," he continued.

"I will never understand why wearing masks was a big deal," Rather wrote. "I will never understand why vaccines became the enemy."