CNN reporter warns QAnon ‘getting dangerous’ with their March 4 delusion — and it won’t end well
QAnon (Kyle Grillot AFP)

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "OutFront," correspondent Donie O'Sullivan warned of the potential danger of the new conspiracy theory tying together QAnon with the "sovereign citizen" movement to claim former President Donald Trump will be re-inaugurated on March 4th as the 19th "real" president.

"Is the language you're hearing from them now about March 4th similar in any way to the language that you heard from them before January 6th?" asked anchor Erin Burnett, referring to the violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump demonstrators and right-wing paramilitary groups.

"I would say a lot of the rhetoric is getting more dangerous," said O'Sullivan. "This whole idea of March 4th came about after the inauguration of Joe Biden because, you'll remember in the days leading up to the inauguration, QAnon followers were convinced that Trump was going to declare martial law and the inauguration would not happen. Obviously, the inauguration did happen, and then they began focusing on the March 4th day. And this is all tied to QAnon followers' sort of obsession that the military is on their side. That the military is on Trump's side."

"I've heard from QAnon supporters in the past few weeks who have been, look at what is happening in Myanmar, where there has been a deadly military coup, and saying they hope that happens here in the United States of America," added O'Sullivan. "That is how perverse this is."

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