Black West Virginia delegate sues anti-abortion group for sending her KKK-themed email
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West Virginia Delegate Danielle Walker has filed a lawsuit against anti-abortion group West Virginians for Life after a since-resigned leader sent her an email featuring a Ku Klux Klan member flashing a Nazi salute.

Local news station WTRF reports that the email was intended to claim that the KKK was in support of legalized abortion, as it would mean fewer Black babies.

"What do you think the coward hiding under his dunce cap and face mask thinks everytime he hears a Black Child has been aborted?" the email asked. "Be Pro-LIFE as if your race depended on it!"

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Walker, however, was not pleased to see the image of a Klansman show up in her inbox, even if West Virginians for Life did not intend for it to be a pro-KKK message.

"It is impossible to comprehend the astonishment that I felt when targeted with an image of a hooded Ku Klux Klansman throwing a Nazi salute directed at me," she said. "The companion Facebook post presented the hate-mail for the entire world to see. These digital communications were and are designed by West Virginians for Life to harass, intimidate, and strike me with fear of violence if I continue my support of a woman’s right to choose."

Richard Demoske, former Chapter President of Berkeley County’s chapter of West Virginians for Life, apologized for sending the message and has since resigned.